About Us

Every skater dreams of opening up their own skate shop.  

I started skating in Toledo, Ohio and I had my beloved local shop, Just Skateboards.  The shop was exactly as every skater envisions their own shop to look like if they could live that dream.  Skater-owned, supported by the local scene, and involved in the community.  I spent countless days sitting on the couch in the shop reading through back-issues of Thrasher & Transworld.  Scott, the owner, had a decent sized collection of skate videos laid out for anyone to watch.  The selection in the store always reflected what the local skaters were into, and Scott knew this because he was out skating and going on road trips with almost everyone that walked through his doors.  It was a haven in the 90s when skateboarding wasn't accepted by the general public.  

I moved to SoCal in '99 just as skateboarding was becoming more mainstream with the success of the X-Games.  Now with the Dew Tour, Street League, etc, skateboarding is in most of the homes across the country.  The one thing I miss the most about skate shops around SoCal is the sense of community skate shops used to provide.  Skate shops can be a place where friendships are formed, plans for adventures are made, and rainy days are spent frustrated.  They are so much more than just a retail store with products for sale.  They are a part of each skater that walks through the door.  I want to reinvigorate the skateboarding scene with that sense of community and pride in their local shop.

Come visit ThrashGnar in Downtown Los Angeles and let us be a part of your community. 

- Luke (owner/skater)



1228 W. 7th St.

Los Angeles, CA 90017